Friday, May 13, 2011

Yuna auctions costumes for UNICEF

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Anyways, back to Yuna news!

Yuna had decided to auction off her costumes from her latest skating show, All That Skate Spring. All the money will go to UNICEF. As you all know, Yuna is a UNICEF ambassador. In the past, she had donated to UNICEF relief for Haiti and Japan.

Below are the pics of Yuna's different costumes from the show.

which one would you bid for?

Monday, May 9, 2011


Yuna skating to Beyonce's "Fever" during her ice show this weekend @ South Korea. She looks like she's about to melt the ice any minute.

( go to 0:43 to skip the intro)


Here are some stills of Yuna's HOT HOT HOT performance. I will post more stills this week, so don't fret!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Yuna donates her entire PRIZE MONEY to Japan

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Yuna Kim donates prize money to Japan quake survivors

SEOUL, Republic of Korea, 4 May 2011 - UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Yuna Kim says she will donate her silver prize money of $27,000 from the World Figure Skating Championships to children affected by the Japanese earthquake.
“I was heartbroken at the news that still many children in Japan are suffering from the devastating earthquake. So I decided to donate my '2011 World Figure Skating Championships' prize money to UNICEF to support these children,” Ms. Kim said.
“I hope my donation will help Japan recover from the tragedy in a short period of time and affected children can have a better life. I wish many people will continue to support children in Japan, who are still waiting for our help and love.”
It is not the first time Yuna Kim has helped children in need. Even before becoming a Goodwill Ambassador, she donated over $83,000 to Haiti earthquake victims through UNICEF.
As a Goodwill Ambassador, she has made additional donations to the work of UNICEF and appeared in a special video marking the six month anniversary of the earthquake to thank donors and urge continued support for the children in Haiti.

      she's truly an angel on earth!
      Hopefully this will minimize all the hate she gets from Japan due to the intense rivalry between Yuna and Japanese figureskaters :(

    source: UNICEF

    Monday, May 2, 2011

    2011 World Figure skating Champs (part 2)

    Here's a continuation of my previous post, this time featuring Yuna's performance for the long program category of the 2011 World Figure skating championships held at Moscow last week.

    At the end you will see Yuna's final scores in which she ends up in 2nd place behind Miki Ando by only 1 point.While I wish Yuna had won Gold instead of Silver, I'm not too bummed that Miki won. I actually admire Miki, who really improved herself after a couple of seasons of falling behind in competitions; Miki definitely worked hard and stepped it up this year by becoming both Japanese Champion and World Champion. I think both Yuna and Miki deserve a lot of congratulations. As for the bronze medalist, Caroline Kostner of Italy...I personally think she got lucky to be in 3rd, kinda like how she got lucky to come in 2nd at the 2011 Euro Champs. Yuna and Miki's competition was so intense that there's barely a point between them....while Caroline trailed far behind at almost 11 points to separate her and Yuna. I really dont get Caroline's appeal, but maybe its just me. She makes the weirdest facial expressions, it just so awkward to watch.

    Anyways, enough babbling from me, enjoy Yuna's performance below, entitled "Homage to Korea" which features traditional Korean music. I gotta say, I'm in love with her music, very original and unique. I've been getting tired of the same ol' classical music they play in skating competitions so Yuna's music is a breath of fresh air!

    Saturday, April 30, 2011

    2011 World Figure skating Champs (part 1) + results

    FINALLY!! I have found a vid of Yuna's brand new skating program at the 2011 World Figureskating Championships at Moscow. It is to the music of "Giselle", a famous ballet. She kinda botched her first jump, but still managed to score as the best performance for the short program category. I'm still searching for a good quality vid of Yuna's long program performance, which is entitled "Homage to Korea" and would feature traditional Korean music. She ended up scoring 2nd in the long program category, finishing 2nd overall since the long program counts more than the short program.

    FINAL RESULTS: Yuna won the SILVER medal at the 2011 World Figureskating Championships. She lost the Gold to Miki Ando of Japan BY ONLY 1 FREAKING POINT!!!!

    Yuna's main rival and last year's World Champ, Mao Asada, only finished 6th.

    You still did amazing, Yuna! You will always be my World Champ!

    Thursday, April 28, 2011

    Yuna’s message on the UNICEF children's newsletter

    Yuna’s message on the UNICEF children's newsletter "We Are Beautiful" April Issue

    This issue of UNICEF’s ‘We are Beautiful’ is about the world we live in.
    It takes us around the world, a world made more beautiful because we are all different,
     and shows us how our fellow friends live.
    Where do they live? What do they think are important? What are their favorite activities?What makes the children of the world happy? What makes them sad?
    When I was seven years old, I met a world called ‘Figure Skating’.
    When I put on my skates and went on the ice I found that I could glide forward with a little bit of force.
    The refreshing cool wind that brushed against my face when I sped up…
    I felt a joy that I had never felt before.I would play pretend Olympics and dreamt of winning the gold medal. 
    Now I am dreaming a new dream.That dream is ‘To make a world where all children are happy’. 
    To help children live a better life is much more difficult than becoming a world champion.There are too many children who live hard lives.
    But together we can change the world.
    I’m confident that we can do it.
    How about you?
    I want to tell children that they can overcome anything,
    no matter how difficult the situation may be,
    if you have a dream.

    UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador,
    Figure Skater Yuna Kim


    Tuesday, April 26, 2011