Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fans donate $26,200 to UNICEF for Yuna's 20th bday + fanbook pics

Throughout her career, Yuna had donated over $1.7 million (2 billion Korean won) to various charities. Last July, Yuna was appointed as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, and just last month she had donated her $10,000 "Proud Korean Award" prize money to UNICEF. Yuna Kim fans were very inspired by the skater's recent philanthropic activities that two of Yuna's fan sites, and, pooled together over $26,200 by Sept. 5th, Yuna's 20th birthday. Gall managed to acquire $12,715 (14,946,247 Korean Won) and Feverskating's money totaled to $13,485 USD (15,850,952 Korean Won). That's almost 31 MILLION KOREAN WON all together. They donated the money to UNICEF as a birthday gift to Yuna since they know how much this will make her happy. Talk about fan dedication!

Below is the proof posted at

Fans from also made this cute Yuna fanbook. (I cant make it any bigger, guys. sorry!)



  1. Holy shit that's some loyal fans :d Showing my support and really need yours!

  2. So uh, is there anything she can't do? Seriously, she has a very impressive resume here.

  3. Scrapbooking for Yuna...thasweet 8D

  4. wow so many people love this girl over there, amazing