Tuesday, September 14, 2010

OVER 200 FOLLOWERS! +Yuna singing

I came back today from work to see that I've reached over 200 FOLLOWERS!!!!!! 


I've been doing this blog for 2 and half weeks now and I've enjoyed reading all your comments and 'support'. It motivates me to update every single day :)

And in celebration of this milestone, its time for a YUNA SINGING post. I've realized I've never posted any vids of Yuna singing, so here she is singing in a Christmas Ice Show last December 2008. The song is called "Can You Hear Me?" originally by Taeyeon of the k-pop girl group SNSD (aka Girl's Generation). This is actually one of my favorite Yuna singing vids because it was the first time I found out that she can really SING. In fact I remember the lady presenter asked whether she was lipsynching or not since Yuna's voice is pretty similar to Taeyeon's, and the guy presenter said that it was live. Enjoy!

And here's another vid of Yuna singing KARAOKE and having fun. Lol she's so cute. She's singing BoA's 'If You Were Here Tonight'. Yuna really loves to sing!

Take note that she has never had any formal singing lessons, and she's not a professional singer in the first place so her singing is not perfect, but I personally think she sings better than some k-pop singers today.


  1. congratulations dude! 200 and counting! keep posting moarr yuan stuff!

  2. Her singing isn't that bad, haha. But I never knew she did sing before this post. thanks brah.

  3. voice of an angel! This girl keeps looking better and better.

  4. Yes, she definitely sings better than some of the groups out there. *cough*f(x)*cough*.

    But grats on the milestone! Keep it up!

  5. woot 200 that awesome good luck with that

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  7. Interesting!

    Help me spread some knowledge,thank you:

  8. @Naj: oh wow that's really cute! did you make it yourself or did you find it somewhere?

  9. gratz @200 mate,we want you @1000+<3,lovin'

  10. @applecider
    i made it actually. i thought you could use it as a banner. i can still alter it though if you want to suggest something.

  11. @Naj

    oh thanks. I'll change my banner now :D