Sunday, October 24, 2010

Operation Meet Yuna: failed :(

As I've posted before, Yuna had started training at Michelle Kwan's skating rink, East West Ice Palace (Artesia, California) where she's being coached by Michelle's brother-in-law Peter Oppegard. Yesterday my friends and I celebrated her birthday at the same skating rink where Yuna trains, hoping to catch a glimpse of the figure skating star. Of course, the chance of meeting Yuna is quite slim considering she probably has her own training hours where the rink is closed to the public. Operation:Meet Yuna had not been a success...but I shall not give up!I still hope of meeting her someday. Still, it was a nice experience to skate on the same rink where Yuna has been skating for the past months!

Here's a pic of the facade of the skating rink. Thanks to my friend for the paper and the picture since I dont have my own camera.