Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Japanese media spies on Yuna; Yuna files complaint

Japanese broadcasting company, NTV,  had trespassed into Yuna's skating rink and secretly video taped Yuna while she practiced for her new program for this upcoming World Figureskating Championships. The illegally acquired footage was later shown to the public on December 26.

Note that Yuna's main rival is Mao Asada of Japan who won Silver in the Olympics. Japanese media had always been harsh on Yuna and usually voice complaints every time she wins over Mao.

Yuna's company, "All That Sports" had officially filed a complaint and threatens to take matters further if NTV doesnt cease and desist.

All That Sports, “Will hold NTV responsible if this effects Kim at Worlds”By Xsports on 28/12/ 2010 at 16:22 PM
Yuna Kim’s management, All That Sports(ATS) has sent an official complaint letter to NTV, the Japanese broadcasting company that secretly taped Kim’s training sessions in L.A.

NTV aired the secretly filmed footage of Kim’s training on the evening of Dec. 26 in a program called 'Shin sou hou dou Bankisya (真相報道バンキシャ).'
ATS expressed strong displeasure and sent an official complaint to NTV on the 28th.
“NTV filmed inside Kim’s L.A. training rink, a place where videotaping is not allowed - a violation of the ice rink’s regulations. 

Also NTV was not granted any sort of approval to film Kim beforehand.
This is an action that lacks common sense, a shameless act, an act of a broadcasting company that has forgotten the role and responsibility that the media holds,” said ATS.

“If NTV repeats such actions, we will ban them from all future interviews and press conferences related to Kim. 

Also, if this effects Kim’s preparation for the World Championships, or in the case Kim cannot skate at Worlds, we will hold NTV fully responsible,” said ATS.

ATS also demanded that NTV air an apology in secretly taping Kim’s training sessions. 

ATS said if such actions are repeated, they will file a formal complaint to the International Skating Union and the Japanese Skating Federation asking for a restraint on NTV. 

Last week NTV, a Japanese broadcasting company, secretly taped Kim who is currently training in L.A. 

and aired the footage on Dec. 26 on a program called ‘Shin sou hou dou Bankisya.’

This video was filmed secretly by the cameraman sneaking into the rink, without the consent of Kim. The program aired footage of Kim’s off-ice training.

Kim is currently training in L.A., preparing for the World Figure Skating Championships that will be held in March in Japan. 

In a new article released on Dec. 29th, 2010, NTV expressed their thoughts on this situation:
"It's not a problem (about filming Kim) because it was done in a public space.We also explained it thoroughly to Kim's people and reached an understanding," said NTV in Sports Nippon, a Japanese newspaper specializing in sports.

While NTV said “We have worked everything out,” ATS denied these claims saying, “This is not true.”
“NTV has yet to apologize, and they certainly did not request any assistance from us (to film Kim) beforehand. On the day of the filming, some of the rink employees at the site spotted a suspicious filming crew. They asked the crew what company they were affiliated with but the crew did not answer and turned back. We can assume that they secretly filmed footage of Kim even after the staff told them to leave" said ATS.
“Our position remains the same. We will hold NTV responsible if this effects Kim in competing at the World Championships. To film a skater’s private training session without prior agreement and permission is simply absurd. 

Our position stands still - We strongly ask that NTV air an official apology.  NTV has voiced their opinion through the Japanese media but they have yet to contact us directly.
We will, for the time being, wait for an official response,” said ATS.

Yuna's official fanpage, "Feverskating" expressed their thoughts and concerns about the issue: 
NTV is the same broadcasting company that aired the judging process of a figure skating judge at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.

In 2006, three NTV reporters were caught trying to break-in David Beckham’s house in Madrid, Spain. 

They tried to climb over the neighboring fence with digital cameras in hand, but were caught by the security guards that spotted them on the security cameras.The security guard called out “Stop. Don’t move” while pointing a gun. The three held up their hands and identified themselves as reporters of a Japanese TV broadcasting company.Beckham was at practice and not home at that time but his wife Victoria and their youngest son, then 1 year old, had to leave for their safety.

Secretly filming someone without their consent is a crime.

If NTV has on-ice footage of Yuna that they did not air, they should discard it at once.
Whether their true intentions were to simply get a scoop, spying to get information on Yuna’s new programs and training methods, or to add psychological pressure, we shall never know.
One thing is clear.It is a low act that goes against media ethics and sportsmanship as well.