Sunday, January 9, 2011

Yuna Kim's Olympic performance is #1 figureskating program of 2010 ranks Yuna Kim's record-breaking Olympic performance as the number 1 figure skating program of 2010.

1. Yuna Kim KOR
Free Skate – 2010 Vancouver Olympics
The cream of the crop – this free skate from Kim ranks amongst the all-time great programs in figure skating history.  Incredibly confident and patently flawless.
She is one of the great technicians of toe jumps in ladies skating, and it’s rare to find a skater who can combine both the height and speed of her lutz and flip.  Once again, like her short program, the music chosen for this free skate was absolutely perfect for her.  There was a lot about this program – especially the connection to music and the relation to audience – that reminded me of Michelle Kwan’s free skate at the 2003 World Championships.
Carrying the hopes of a country of almost 50 million people on your shoulders, and you have four minutes to do it.  Not any easy feat.
So sit back, and enjoy my #1 program of 2010.

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