Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Yuna's goal for 2011: To perform "with ease"

[Seoul, Yonhap News by Kim Young-Hyun]  ‘Figure Queen’ Yuna Kim is preparing for the World Figure Skating Championships that will be held in March. “Now my goal is to perform the program, which I have in my mind as an ideal, with ease. That goal is my motivation, that is what fires me up,” Kim said.

“Up until now I thought too much about the results and that was a burden on my performance. Now I want skate with more freedom and ease, while connecting the audience,” said Kim on Jan. 4 through her management company All That Sports.

Kim has skipped this season’s Grand Prix series and aiming for the World Championships that will be held in Japan. She has worked with choreographer David Wilson on both her programs, short program ‘Giselle’ and for her free skate ‘Homage to Korea.’
Since October, Kim has been training hard with her coach Peter Oppegard at the East West Ice Palace in Los Angeles, U.S.A.
“I will be Giselle and portray all her complex feelings. I hope to show a lot of different feelings, her strength, loveliness, and sadness. I focus on trying to immerse myself into those feelings,” Kim explained.
“I’ve never skated to Korean music before so it’ll be a challenge. I am attempting to portray Korea in my skate,” said Kim.
“The free skate program is a way of thanking all the people who have helped me and rooted for me. I’m trying to express that thankfulness through my performance,” Kim added.

 I'm excited to see her new skating program, especially Giselle since it's a pretty famous ballet, and Yuna trained in ballet when she was younger so maybe we can get a glimpse of the ballerina in her.

source: feverskating