Sunday, March 6, 2011

Yuna sings "Goose's Dream"

Yuna singing the song LIVE to her fans during a fan-meeting sponsored by Samsing Anycall. The quality isnt the best because it was just taken by a fancam.

 Here is another video (better quality!) of Yuna singing the same song LIVE during a TV special to celebrate her World Champion win. At the beginning, other guests of the program are singing, but Yuna comes in around 1:58

The song is called "Goose's Dream" by Korean singer Insooni. Below are the English translation of the lyrics. It is quite a sad song.

A Goose’s Dream / A Swan’s Dream
Translation by x3Yesung of Soompi

I have a dream,
Even if I’m thrown away or ripped to shreds
Deep in my heart
I have a dream as precious as gem

If by chance, without a reason,
Somebody ridicules me behind my back
I should be patient
I would wait just for that day.

As you always worry,
You say that foolish dreams are poisonous.
Just like a book that tells us about the end of the world
There’s the reality that we can’t turn back already

Yes I have a dream.
I believe in that dream
Please watch over me
Standing in front of that cold wall called fate
I can firmly face it

One day I will pass over that wall
And be able to fly
As high as the sky
This heavy thing called life can’t tie me down
At the end of my life,
On the other day that I can smile, let’s be together


  1. That's quite a voice she's got there. :P

  2. That's so beautiful..
    Thanks for sharing!
    I'll follow you! :)