Friday, April 15, 2011

Korea's Winter Olympic Bid, featuring Yuna Kim

Yuna Kim, the official spokesperson for Korea's Olympic Bid for the 2018 Winter Olympics, sent this vid to the Olympic organization in support of PyeongChang, South Korea. In the vid, Yuna talks about how much she benefited from the government program "Drive the Dream" which helped fund to train and send Korean athletes to the Olympics. The video also talks about Korea's plans in building new infrastructures and high speed train which would make it easier to travel from the International Airport to PyeongChang.

Support Korea's 2018 Winter Olympic Bid! It's about time an Asian country hosts the winter Olympics. Btw, I'll be gone for a few days coz I'm going out of town to visit relatives. We'll see if I get internet access there.


  1. I still fall flat on my butt every time I go ice skating! lol.

  2. same as zombie, i SUCK at this. really admire people that do this professionally, especially for their country, so much pressure hah

  3. Wow I'm sure that takes a life time of training.