Friday, April 8, 2011

Yuna trivia: Yuna is Catholic

Yuna trivia for today... did you know she's a religious Catholic?

Yuna had converted to Catholicism when she was about 17 years old, and some of you may have seen her doing the sign of the cross during the 2010 Winter Olympics in which she won Gold. Yuna's Catholic name is "Stella", which means "star" and is associated to the Virgin Mary who is referred to as the "Stella Matutina" or "morning star". Only Yuna and her mom had converted, while her dad and older sister remain unassociated with any religion. Before her conversion, Yuna was suffering severe back injuries which makes it painful for her to skate, but a Catholic nun at the hospital where Yuna was getting treatment gave her a Holy Nail (other reports say it's something else, it's never really sure what exactly the nun gave her), and after that Yuna won 3rd by a small margin at the World Championships. It was an incredible feat at such a young age while competing with an injury and against people with more experience.