Friday, April 1, 2011

Yuna's coach Peter Oppegard joins her in Korea

Good news for Yuna Kim fans. The boss is in town.
By boss we mean coach Peter Oppegard, who is now in South Korea to help Kim prepare for the rescheduled World Figure Skating Championships.
We did not doubt that Kim was capable of preparing for Worlds on her own, but having her coach fly to South Korea truly shows she is "in it to win it."
The event was originally planned for March 23-27 in Tokyo, Japan, but due to the earthquake and tsunami, the competition was moved to Moscow, Russia from April 25-May 1.
Kim left her training base (and Oppegard) in Los Angeles in late March to fulfill commitments in her home country. Now, Oppegard is in town to help Kim get her training back on track for Worlds.
"There have been changes to the timetable, but I will just keep training the way I have all along," Kim toldThe Korea Herald. "In the U.S., I put myself in perfect shape for March in Tokyo. I will work hard over the next month to regain that form."
The Vancouver Olympic champion has not competed since winning the silver medal at 2010 Worlds - it will be more than a year away from the competitive stage when Kim skates in Moscow.



  1. Having the coach around must be a good thing.