Wednesday, September 1, 2010

All That Skate Summer Rehearsal Pics

Rehearsal Pics from Yuna's show last July called "All That Skate Summer" produced by her own company, "All That Sports". It features fellow skaters such as Michelle Kwan, Sasha Cohen, Min-jung Kwak, Stephane Lambiel, and their choreographer, David Wilson. This is the first year that Yuna is producing her own show. She had left her old company and separated from her old coach, Brian Orser. Hopefully, Yuna can take on the challenge of such a business, especially now that everything is her responsibility, from hotel and flight accommodations, insurance, and their extended stay.

credit goes to Susan Russell for the photos.


  1. wow! i was really really rooting for her in the last winter olympics!

    btw, nice blog. i'm gonna check back everyday for updates and for the daily serving of yuna's pic! lol

  2. Neato.
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  3. With all that talent she could be a dog and still be popular.

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