Sunday, October 3, 2010

New All That Skate LA vids

mega post incoming!

Vids from Yuna's first American Show, "All That Skate LA" @ the Staples Center. I'm only posting vids that include Yuna, instead of posting the whole show. These vids are fresh off the oven guys, since they just performed these routines a couple hrs earlier.

Opening program, The Cast, "Get This Party Started":

Yuna and Michelle Kwan, "Hero":

All the female cast members, "She's so Lovely" (Yuna enters around 1:30):

Yuna Kim performs "Meditation from Thais":

Yuna Kim performs "Bulletproof":

I couldn't find a full vid of the Finale, but I did find a rehearsal vid from the day before:


  1. cannot believe she can do all those things with such grace 0.0

  2. man... i'm trying to find the video of the whole show but i can't find anything... will wait for a few more hours and check again. hope someone will post the whole video of the show!

  3. Good read i liked it check out mah reviews man :3

  4. iunno shit bout skating, but thats some skill

  5. That spin that Yuna starts at around 1:41 in the second vid is really impressive, she makes it look easy