Saturday, October 2, 2010

Yuna Kim Childhood Pics

Here are some pics of Yuna as a child, featuring Yuna's mysterious older sister, Ae-Ra Kim. Not very many know of Ae-Ra, who works as a nurse at a children's hospital. While Yuna's face is plastered everywhere in South Korea, Ae-Ra usually stays off the spotlight. I guess it's a good thing or else she'll be hounded by crazy Yuna fans who would beg her to ask her famous lil sister for an autograph.

 Yuna is such a cutie in her mini hanbok (korean traditional costume):

Lol someone doesn't look too happy to graduate:
Another pic of the Kim sisters:
She took ballet! No wonder she's so graceful on ice :)
Yuna is far left.

Yuna is such a cutie:


  1. Aww haha. She was pretty cute when she was younger too. Thanks for sharing

  2. She doesn't look very happy. D:

    Except the last picture, that's about it. :P

  3. haha! people always like too know how a celebrity look when they're young!

  4. Why is your blog so fun to read? :)

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