Tuesday, February 22, 2011

EPIC post: collection of cute Yuna pics

Long Compilation of Yuna being her cute self! These are random moments of Yuna's life beyond figure skating. It's epic coz its long and is loaded with multiple dosages of adorable Yuna <3


 cofee too hot, Yuna?
 Yuna is tired after a long days work of modeling for Allure magazine
 Yuna having fun during her vacation in Canada
 playing with the sunset <3
 enjoying her sorbet @ Italy
 Yuna hanging out with the stylists from her ice show 'All That Skate Summer'
 Autograph-signing is seriouz biznes! *sweats from exhaustion*
 "I get to fly first class!" *nyahhh* :P
 maybe she should move that cup of coffee somewhere else, just in case...
 Yuna having fun during a sleepover with friends
 Yuna (in ninja black) attempting to kick fellow figure skater Min-Jung Kwak's ass... on and off the ice
 Yuna and fellow figure skaters having fun @ Italy where they competed for the 2010 World Figure Skating Championships
 *pucker up!*
 *nom nom nom*
 *peek a boo!*
 wonder where she got that hat?
 lol cute expression <3
 "I dont wannnaaa" Yuna practicing with her choreographer, David Wilson
 ZOMG ANOTHER WORLD RECORD! Yuna with former coach Brian Orser react to her amazing scores
female domination!


  1. she likes sticking her tongue out a bit to much...

    also, don't eat the sun. it will make you fat.