Saturday, February 26, 2011

Yuna ranks #3 in Forbes Korea's Top 40 Power Celebs

Forbes Korea ranks Yuna Kim as the #3 most powerful celebrity in the country.

This list was revealed in conjunction with the 8th anniversary of Forbes Korea’s founding. The list includes television personalities, actors, actresses, athletes, as well as singers and groups. The ranking were determined by appearances on news articles, TV advertisements, Internet searches, success of activities, and international recognition.

Other than the overall ranking, Forbes Korea also listed celebrities in terms of Sales, Media, Broadcast and Activities.

Personally, I'm surprised SNSD earned the top spot. Yuna earns way more than they do (she is ranked as one of the highest female athletes in the whole world) and she has TV ads back to back...also, Big Bang's album made it to the top 10 in US Itunes without any promotion, so if we're speaking about international recognition, there are more people here who had become more successful outside Korea than SNSD

Don't worry Yuna, you are #1 for me!

source: Forbes Korea


  1. Wow, very nice. I was going to ask why #3; I thought it was an american list. That's pretty sweet. If it makes you feel better, I don't know who Jisung or SNSD are =D

  2. @Con Queso: SNSD is a cutesy pop girl group made up of 9 members. yes, 9. which is actually pretty small compared to this Japanese girl group with 48 lol. Idk who Jisung is, either.

  3. it bad that I don't recognize any of the rest of these? Good for her, anyway.

  4. Every time someone MENTIONS SNSD I get that damn song stuck in my head. Gee gee gee baby baby.

  5. WOw this is like a first for the asian group... Fanboys beware!

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