Monday, February 28, 2011

Greetings on the anniversary of the Olympics from Yuna

Hello everyone :)
February 25 marked the anniversary of day my Olympic dream came true. *짝짝짝!! (JJak! JJak! JJak!)
Well actually it was the 26th in Korea. Time REALLY flies :)
When I think about it, it STILL doesn't seem real.
I wonder when it will. :)
The past year has been busy and 365 days have passed by in a daze
The World Championships is coming up and I will be able to show you my skating after a long absence!
I'm sorry that everyone had to wait for such a long time.
I will make up for that by doing my best.
See you in a month~ :) *뿅! 
Although we always try our best to translate word for word without losing the overall tone and mood of the message, it is almost impossible to do so.We're so sorry that so much seems to get lot in translation. :)
Here are some notes that may be helpful!
*짝짝짝!!: (pronounced as JJak! JJak! JJak!)  onomatopoeic words to express the sounds made by clapping. Here it means Yuna is clapping her hands.
*뿅!: (pronounced as BByong!) an cute expression used when imitating the noise of something/someone appearing or disappearing out of thin air.
Some young people use it as a goodbye expression between close friends.

source: Yuna's awesome fansite,


  1. Good to hear she's going to be doing more work.

  2. JJak JJak JJak! That's something new I learnt =)

  3. good to hear!

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  4. BByong! Gonna use that with my friends and hope it catches on lol

  5. congratulations,following and supporting