Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Yuna receives Athlete of the Year Medal (after a month since she was declared winner)

Remember THIS post of Yuna winning the United States Sports Academy poll for female Athlete of the Year? (If you have no idea, go click on it!)

Since Yuna had been busy training in California for the upcoming World Championships, there had been a problem on how the USSA, which is located in Alabama, can somehow present her the award...and finally, after a month, Yuna received her Athlete of the Year Medal at Michelle Kwan's skating rink in Artesia, California. Yuna is currently being coached by Michelle Kwan's brother-in-law, Peter Oppegard.

better late than never, right? 

oh and I tried skating at Michelle Kwan's rink in Artesia but I couldn't catch a glimpse of Yuna :(