Friday, March 25, 2011

The 2011 World Figure Skating Championships was originally scheduled to start last Monday but was postponed due to the earthquake and Tsunami in Japan, and so we did not get to see Yuna's brand new skating program. Yuna had skipped out on all the other major skating competitions since winning Gold at the Olympics over a year ago, so her fans are excited to see some new material from the queen of skating. Below is a teaser for what Yuna would have performed this week if the World Champs was not postponed. The program is called 'Giselle' based on the the ballet of the same name. However, in the video, the uploader used a background song of Yuna singing. I have to say, Yuna has definitely improved her skating, if that's even possible. She has always been known as one of the fastest figure skaters, but in the clip, her movements seemed to be even sharper and quicker, and her stretches are smoother. She is also known for her very expressive skating, and after watching clips of the European Championships, I've noticed that a lot of skaters are starting to copy Yuna's unique expressive style and arm movements lol.

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