Saturday, April 30, 2011

2011 World Figure skating Champs (part 1) + results

FINALLY!! I have found a vid of Yuna's brand new skating program at the 2011 World Figureskating Championships at Moscow. It is to the music of "Giselle", a famous ballet. She kinda botched her first jump, but still managed to score as the best performance for the short program category. I'm still searching for a good quality vid of Yuna's long program performance, which is entitled "Homage to Korea" and would feature traditional Korean music. She ended up scoring 2nd in the long program category, finishing 2nd overall since the long program counts more than the short program.

FINAL RESULTS: Yuna won the SILVER medal at the 2011 World Figureskating Championships. She lost the Gold to Miki Ando of Japan BY ONLY 1 FREAKING POINT!!!!

Yuna's main rival and last year's World Champ, Mao Asada, only finished 6th.

You still did amazing, Yuna! You will always be my World Champ!


  1. I always end up falling my butt when I ice skate! lol.

  2. Oh i would feel so bad if i would have lost just because of 1 freaking point grrhh. But still silver is ok and I wish her luck in her next competition.