Thursday, April 28, 2011

Yuna’s message on the UNICEF children's newsletter

Yuna’s message on the UNICEF children's newsletter "We Are Beautiful" April Issue

This issue of UNICEF’s ‘We are Beautiful’ is about the world we live in.
It takes us around the world, a world made more beautiful because we are all different,
 and shows us how our fellow friends live.
Where do they live? What do they think are important? What are their favorite activities?What makes the children of the world happy? What makes them sad?
When I was seven years old, I met a world called ‘Figure Skating’.
When I put on my skates and went on the ice I found that I could glide forward with a little bit of force.
The refreshing cool wind that brushed against my face when I sped up…
I felt a joy that I had never felt before.I would play pretend Olympics and dreamt of winning the gold medal. 
Now I am dreaming a new dream.That dream is ‘To make a world where all children are happy’. 
To help children live a better life is much more difficult than becoming a world champion.There are too many children who live hard lives.
But together we can change the world.
I’m confident that we can do it.
How about you?
I want to tell children that they can overcome anything,
no matter how difficult the situation may be,
if you have a dream.

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador,
Figure Skater Yuna Kim